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  • Island Dreams... In The Kitchen

    The kitchen island. It’s like a magical puzzle piece that brings your entire kitchen design together with its dreamy counter top space and heavenly storage options. A good kitchen island is a delight to both seasoned cooks and those not so blessed with culinary skills. 

    Possibilities abound when considering an island for your kitchen. Here’s a short but sweet list of some things to consider when you are dreaming up your perfect island design:

    Size and Shape


    Is your kitchen wide and square, narrow and rectangular, or more open and freestyle? Islands can be crafted with custom dimensions to fit just right. From an L-Shape to a curvy creation, the only thing holding you back is how much space you want around the island. Some prefer to have counter space over walking around space, while some want a balance of both. The beautiful thing is that it’s up to you!


    Functional Features


    This is where function meets design in the best way. How does your kitchen flow now? Do you bump elbows cooking and doing the dishes? Islands can be home to sinks, ovens, microwaves, and even a mini fridge or freezer drawer, giving you the space you need so more than one of you can dance while you cook up your tasty creations!


    Storage Solutions

    island storage

    We just can’t say enough about the added storage that islands give you. Drawers and cabinets are super handy for kitchen islands, and deeper cabinets bring extra space for bulkier dishes and cookware. Not to be forgotten are built-in side shelves for your cookbooks and other artsy things you’d like to show off!


    Countertop Space

    This really is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Extra counter space. Gone will be the days when you are the only person allowed in the kitchen when it’s time to cook. Gone will be the days when you have to prepare only one item at a time because there’s just no room. You’ll welcome the chance to act like a real prep cook or master chef, with your ingredients sprawled out over this awesome surface. Even the non-cooks in the family may want to join in on the fun!

    And let’s not forget about the overhang that now gives you added space to bring in bar stools for casual eating, homework time, or just plain hanging out with coffee or wine.

    The right kitchen island doesn’t have to be a dream, and it may just be the best addition to your house yet!

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